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Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival is a festival held in BMT city of Dak Lak province, this is a big festival in the Central Highlands. Recognized by the Prime Minister as a national festival, held every two years. Here, promote the image of Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak as a legendary l& rich in national identity. The festival aims to honor coffee trees, which occupy a chất lượng position in the plant structure here và tài khoản for 60% of Vietnam's coffee output, which brings warmth and richness to lớn the lvà. This highl&. The festival has just started to lớn be held since 2005 in the program promoting the image of the coffee capital Buon Ma Thuot. Besides exchange activities about, process, recipes, production and processing of coffee. Cultural và sport activities took place enthusiastically. Here, there are many special activities such as fairs - exhibitions specialized in coffee và Vietnamese brand products, coffee making contests, coffee travel itineraries, ...

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Every year, there are always many exciting festivals to lớn defeat the fatigue of people. And referring to lớn the festival, it is impossible not lớn mention the Central Highlands - a land famous for many interesting và special festivals. This year too, this place is welcoming a coffee season full of excitement and jubilance. There is also the vibrant color of fire & the throbbing sound of gongs. But this year has been particularly surprisingly much more than ever before. When people are infatuated in each music, there is a master lượt thích stepping out from another world. He proclaimed himself "Hunt" - the legendary epic character of the people of the Central Highlands. Hunting came và greeted everyone. The whole village seemed to lớn be unable to lớn believe sầu his eyes. Is this really the nhân vật they have admired for so long! But looking at the appearance as well as temperament, it is true that not an ordinary person lượt thích many others. Hunt Hunt began talking to lớn the village about the history of festivals, how his contemporaries celebrated the festival together. All of them listened attentively to lớn each of his words. He says it's his purpose here today to lớn experience the feeling of the festival today as well as to lớn let people know the root of what he's after. Hunt Hunt has begun khổng lồ immerse itself in the festival with the village.