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Hue conical hat

Since ancient times, conical hats have sầu sầu become an indispensable part of people"s life in Vietcánh mày râu.

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Today, conical hats appeared everywhere, from urban khổng lồ rural areas, in fields of gold or colored alley lingering time. From the use sun rain cover for Vietnamese farmers to đùng become a tourist gift donated four different methods when traveling Vietphái nam. Along Mytour mặn mòi adventure Khủng Hue conical village mập mạp feel the gentle beauty, sophistication on each hat is lightweight!The hat was long since have become a familiar image that you can encounter anywhere else on villages in Vietcánh mày râu in general and Hue in particular. Very old, so the needs of the life of the feudal Nguyen dynasty, many famous craft villages in the Hue area was conceived, developed và survived until the present day. Aước ao them are the traditional villages lượt thích Phu Cam conical, Doc, Da Le, Kyên ổn ổn định Long, West Lake & the village of Bai Tho hats. A special type of conical hat of Hue was the hat poem, has created a brvà for this l& of dreams. Hat poem as a kind of conical especially in Hue, its name derived from the characteristic that when held to a light, you can see a poem or picture pattern is created ingenious, layout current balance between the two layers leaf hats.According to phệ some documents gave sầu us that leaves Hue hosiery has been around for more than 300-400 years ago. Hue hosiery comes from the needs of folk life. Cone is both handy items, in accordance with the hot and humid tropical climate, cheap prices, so very popular hats Hue. Everyone can hats Hue, from the elderly to babies, guides & even the foreign tourists. And surely everyone will be aware of the gentle beauty of the hat.West Lake is the first place to lớn Khủng chính vì a poem conical hats. It really is a charming accident when Bui Quang Bac - an artisan conical hats leaves, is also a lover poetry in the village took the initiative sầu to con make hats poem, by squeezing the verses in between leaves, honoring the beauty of hats. The first two verses uncle squeezed into lớn phệ a conical hat brings gentle tone making everybody tourists who are not from lingering: "Who dreams of Hue Buy the hat poem as a gift."Looking hat compact poems, rustic so inevitably people think it is easy to do & only takes a little effort, but the truth is quite different. When you have sầu the opportunity bự Hue conical village cùng learn about the stages of the thinking hat will totally disappear there! Is a handmade sản phẩm & hàng hóa, people vị use the tool completely your hands. People vị have sầu béo biến hóa about 15 steps from the forest lớn béo collect leaves, với dried leaves, open, board, pick the leaves, building padded ryên, staring, cut leaves, tingle rlặng ổn, cut just ...

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to have sầu a hat poem both light và beautiful.Raw materials of the hat is the young leaves of the tree after picking Regulation Diep brought dew on forest và yellow tingle và board for the flat. After that, people bởi vì have lớn bự stitch framed với brlặng. These are jobs that require workers with more experience, careful cùng skillful. The frame consists of 12 wood cone pieces are assembled taper, match at the top, bottom spaced. 16 rims lượt ưng ý the moon was 16 ticks quickly, very rounded, very smooth, very rhythm, so that the most balanced và harmonious.Twenty Leaf built will first male is on the inside. Next khổng lồ lớn the image pattern - poems covering an area around the hat. Which was built in the outer. At this stage of gentle movements vĩ đại ingenious, carefully insert, nice cùng ballast sure, keep the surface flat leaf does not move. What process also requires experience, ingenuity & carefully let the sản phẩm & hàng hóa should be the pride of Hue. Gentle strokes of conical present throughout the plains villages of Vietphái nam. Hat leaves farmers under the contract, the labor involved in the production for the harvests. When arriving home page page conical hats are also used for cooling fan, when flip conical hat again conical hat is that content measuring cylinders for knichồng knacks, the personal belongings of the family, conical longer can contain fruit, used vĩ đại draw water ...Conical longer an integral part of the tribute to con the beauty of women in Vietnam. Ao dẻo - a conical hat has become a standard image of Vietphái nam woman just beautiful, just beautiful streak, gentle và subtle. If ao dẻo show off the beauty slender, graceful, modest elegance of the conical daughters khổng lồ bự make a girl carrying a hidden beauty, low-key và very much richer. We can easily catch sight of a friend country on top hats who leaves Vietnam giới with beaming face is reinforcing the conical hat becomes more meaningful. Conical hat has now become a gift lớn trang điểm the connection between Vietcánh mày râu & countries in the world you và conical took pictures of Vietđấng mày râu country we traveled phệ all four directions.Just a simple conical hat & rustic as the Vietnam giới personality simple but extremely mean

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