Kiến Trúc Truyền Thống Thái Lan


The feature of traditional roof in Tnhì architecture

Thai architecture is deeply influenced by Buddhist architecture. The most characteristic feature of Tnhị wooden house is the extremely sophisticated roof framing system.

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The roof includes the curved high roof with the sharp top & sloped eaves. The patterns on the roof are carved delicately, it shows clearly the Buddhist culture.
Traditional roof in Tnhị architecture

Traditional roof’s structure in Thai architecture

Thai roofs are multi-layered, colorful enameled tile, the ribbed roofs are decorated richly.
The roof has high slopeThailand’s climate is almost hot all years, so Thai traditional roof is constructed with high slope, it helps:

In summer, the indoor air is cooler.In rainy, the water is drifted easily.Utilising the natural light.

In humid tropical nature condition, architecture in Southeast Asian in general and Tnhị architecture in particular have sầu the solid wooden frame. Wooden truss structure is very popular in Tnhị architecture, it brings the glory, delicacy in the rustic, simple apperance.

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Tnhì traditional houseThe roof is covered by earthenware (enameled tile) protects the work from rain, sun & the noise outside. In rural areas of Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, traditional houses are cover by thatched roof.Tnhì traditional roof is the combination of 2 entirely different elements. One is bright color, one is dark color.
Thai traditional house

The regional climate affects Tnhị traditional roof architecture

Depending on the feature of climate in every areas, the roofs have different designs.

The North Thailand has cool climate, so the roof is low. The South Thailand has the rain season lasts, so the roof is high and steep slope to cope with heavy rain và wind. The slope roof is enlarged to lớn allow the rainwater drift easily and help the roof dry quickly.The central plain area’s houses are built towards east-west. It helps lớn reduce sunlight into lớn house và maximize the benefits of wind.

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